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Tiger Translate
"Mongolian Lamb is just called LAMB!" - A short story by Translate winner Matt Stewart E-mail
Since returning from Mongolia a week ago, the one question that I have been constantly asked by friends, family and clients is, "What is Mongolia like?".   Usually you can sum up a destination with a couple of words or a short sentence that best describes it, but in the case of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's Capital city, this is definitely not the case!
Mongolia is drenched in a very strong culture that has evolved over hundreds of years. This, coupled with their rise from Communism in 1990, sees a very 'new' country that is trying it's hardest to become in it's own right, individual.  Think.....a post-apocolyptic, wild-west, russian-inspired, asian-influenced city with brand new development everywhere you look and you will start to get a visual idea of what Ulaanbaatar looks like.   It has it's own style, it's own presence and it's own culture very unlike anywhere I have ever visited in my travels.  This individuality, made for an amazing backdrop for the entire reason I was there......Tiger Translate Mongolia!
This 'STREETS' themed Tiger Translate event, saw 3 International artists (Myself, Quiccs & Bjornik (both from the Philippines)) teamed up with local Mongolian artists, to capture what the 'real and future Mongolia' would look like in our various artistic styles. I was extremely lucky to have two very talented emerging artists to work with, whose very different styles of expressionism and contemporary digital, fused our 3 styles together to form a strong bond.  For 3 days we toured the city and surrounding countryside, gaining insights from both a tourist and local angle to reveal what this city had to offer both visitors and locals.  During this intense few days we dined at both traditional restaurants and contemporary ones, saw many statues,  accessed the latest bars and clubs, and of course kept ourselves hydrated with Tiger Beer.  The week then finished off with the actual Translate event where these local experiences would be expressed via a couple of major artworks.   Each team produced a 'paint over' of a photo, on a 2m x 3m canvas as well as a super-exciting 20 minute art battle, which saw us franticly knock out a cool piece on clear perspex using luminescent markers.  Any Tiger Translate even is a scensory overload and this particular event did definitely not dissapoint.
This Mongolian Tiger Translate captured the essence of what these events are all about.  They bring together different artistic influences from around the world into one spot and introduce them to the host country.  In the same way, visiting international artists take away different artistic styles with them that they would not normally experience first hand.
I would like to thank the Mongolia artists and people for being so accomodating and welcoming me into their country.  For a country that is not geared towards tourism, everyone was so friendly and so happy to share what their country was all about.  I would also like to thank Tiger Australia, Tiger Mongolia, Tiger Singapore Head Office and Kult for making every second of my trip enjoyable!

Matthew Stewart Crowned Tiger Translate’s King of the Jungle 2011 E-mail


The Australian arm of the Tiger Translate 2011 Global Showcase competition has officially closed, crowning Brisbane based artist Matt Stewart King of the Jungle! The very talented visual artist, who was up against a fold of exceptional submissions, reined supreme this morning after receiving the most votes for his interpretation of the theme “Growth”, materialised as the “Butterflinger.”

Matt Stewart is a self taught contemporary Australian artist who balances his creative genius with a sound business mind after years working in the corporate sector. Stewart’s distinct style, which has a street and pop art edge, sees every day objects and faces placed on complex coloured layers that work to create a sea of movement. His use of various mediums establishes texture, density and dimension. His works are sexy. Raw. Fun. Attention demanding.

Matt Stewart’s winning entry along with the other seven finalists will have their outstanding Tiger-themed artworks showcased at an invite only party, scheduled to take place in Sydney in November. As the winner of Tiger Translate 2011 Global Showcase, Matt Stewart will be flown to Asia where he will proudly represent Australia and compete in the international Tiger Translate.

The annual Tiger Translate Global Showcase is an opportunity for emerging artists to expose their work on a global platform. And, we know Brissy boy Matt Stewart will do Australia proud!

Winner Tiger Translate 2010 E-mail




William Sun - Winner Tiger Translate 2010

William Sun is a 21-year-old communication designer who recently graduated from Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney.

William started as a traditional artist later transitioning to computer art where he enjoys experimenting with different methods of application in rasterised and vectorised illustration.

He spends most of his days thinking, "Man, wish Ithought of that."

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Tiger Translate is Tiger Beer's global lifestyle platform which provides emerging Asian artists with the unique opportunity to engage in creative exchanges and collaborations with international artists, and to showcase their works on the world stage.